Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why Has She Left Me?

I really need some help. My girlfriend of three and a half months has just split up with me and it seems to me that there is a bigger underlying reason. Everything was going really really well until three weeks ago when she dropped a bombshell by saying she doesn't really know where she is in her life and that she doesn't know if she wants me as a friend or a partner anymore. This has left me really confused for in the weeks prior to this she had been praising me, saying what a wonderful boyfriend I was to her and how she couldn't find anyone that could even match up to me.

She says she isn't really happy at the minute and that she thinks we could do with a month's break to see if she does really care for me. I lasted five days before I couldn't bear not seeing her and called at her house but I couldn't make her change her mind. Only a week after the split she phoned me to tell me she really missed me and wanted me to come and see her, not to get back together but just to see me. So I went, but I stupidly went through her phone. I found out that she'd been to the cinema with a guy from her work only two days after the split. It really hurt to know that it only took her two days to see someone else. She told him of my going to talk to her and he sent her abusive messages about me, saying if she needed him he'd be there in half an hour. I was fine with her going out with him because I knew that it would have meant nothing, but when I read this it made me mad. When confronted she explained that she went out with with him only because if we were over then she would have to start dating sometime, and that going out with him only made her realize how much of a great boyfriend I was. She agreed I'd never put her in the position where she would need another man's help, and said it was just that he was drunk and really liked her. I stayed the night but the next evening she told me that what I'd done had really annoyed and upset her and that it made her not want to be with me any more. I know I should not have done it but it was an impulsive reaction to just try and find something out because I had no clue as to why she was doing this to me. She told me that she didn't want us get back together just yet and that she needed more time to think. I have seen her a few times since and she seems to be getting more distant from me, even hanging up repeatedly when I tried to phone her. When I did get through, she was in a bar and said we could speak tomorrow, then abruptly hung up on me. This tore me apart as I sensed the worst.

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